Forge Demo / Foundry tutorial

If you want to try out Foundry before buying it. (soon :tm: ) You can head over to

This post is about what’s next in the project. If you have recommendations feel free to write them here.

The demo has became a tutorial of how to use Foundry in itself. If you ever need your new players to quickly learn foundry, put them through this and they should have a bit of a clue what they are doing.

The demo is also a good example of connectivity till some more servers are set up in the world.
But even if you’re a European it should work well. :+1:

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Next in my list is:

Playlist, ambient sounds, and interface sounds.

Ideas next up after this:

  • Show Different Modules Sheets
  • Deep dive into vision
  • More D&D sheet references
  • Re-joining as a player
  • Rollable Tables
  • Creating an Item?

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