Forge Demo Discussion

A general discussion that I want feedback on, from anyone interested in the topic.
This top form will be the main bullet points that are coming, while I will discuss in the comments.

Foundry/Forge Demo

Make the world downloadable

We’re going to make the world available to everyone on Foundry.

Have a reset every-so-often

The online world for the forge will reset every couple of hours, so nobody can ruin the experience for others.

Refine the tutorial

It is currently being worked on and will have half of it made over, as we want it to be more handholdy.
We will create a second one for DM’s, or that is the plan.

DM Foundry/Forge Demo

More DM related

A DM version, where you’ll get more instruction on how to make actors, tokens, backgrounds/maps and so on.
This one should be more in-depth to the point where it would be:


This one should also be downloadable, but would require a lot more foolproof work. + videos might help.

Last only 30 minutes-2 hours

This one needs to be closed after 30 to 2 hours so DM’s can’t DM their actual sessions on The Forge Demo.

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Have the Demo have Ping macros?
To actually test out speeds and such.
Showcase a 10000x10000 map with and without optimization.
Showcase loadtimes in different areas/different servers?
If we can have a macro go "Your ping to SERVER IN REGION is 000"?
Showcase the Forge actual extras with the “Assets tab”.

Anything else?

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When they open the Journal in Player interaction
Have a gif/video pop up on the Seal after CA 5 seconds of a target, spinning slowly.

Wait 10 seconds, then hide the target.

So. Demo Idea:

In the navigation menu, have:

FoundryVTT Player
Basic controls, such as Navigation bar and Controls Bar.

D&D 5e
Character creation.

Some module improvements with examples.

Some music settings.

These would be chapters in the main tutorial that we’ll go through.
This would also mean we could include other users to contribute with their own systems in our tutorial.

I would say no. I want to move that to the new user sign up workflow. I don’t think it has its place in the demo

maybe, yeah, that’s not a bad idea, but probably like, after 30 seconds, to give them time to read, think and start looking at the scene. I think that would help the people who are lost a bit at that stage, so that’d be good :+1:

Yeah, I think that it might be a good idea to come up with this sort of ‘chapters’ outline for the menu.
I would put modules at the end, under an ‘advanced’ section. So like :

  • Getting started
    • Overview of the interface
    • The side panels
    • Basic controls
  • Game mechanics
    • Journal entries
    • Items
    • Actors
    • Scenes
    • Music
  • Scene configuration
    • Drawings
    • Walls
    • Lighting
    • Ambient sound
    • ???
  • Advanced
    • Modules
    • Macros
    • Possibly everything again from above but going more in depth ?
    • ???
  • GM Tutorial
    • Configure Players
    • euhh… all the stuff from scene config actually…

anyways, you get the idea. Probably smart to look at other existing tutorials (the official foundry one and encounter library) to see what topics were covered. I’d like to keep things simple obviously, so the first topics would be good to have them not go too much in depth.
I think the navigation wouldn’t have those like you suggested, the way I see it is more like, you have the current scene and a “Tutorial Menu” which would be a nice video-game like menu (which you’d probably draw :P) with triggers to switch to the various scenes directly from it… and the user would go through that list sequentially if they just go through the tutorial without going through the menu.

Modules Preview

Automatic (midi)
FX master
Combat Utility Belt



Simon says?
Some kind of match rythm?