Forge crashes whenever I attempt to make a new world / write any sort of descriptions for items

Been dealing with this weird bug for awhile now where any time I attempt to make a new world from the Forge Foundry client, it immediately crashes the tab. I worked around it by pasting one of my other worlds (but even this crashed it, though it did show up after reloading, unlike the attempted new world). So I didn’t really feel a need to address it anywhere, but now whenever I attempt to write a description in-game, it crashes. Any ideas?

Hey there :wave:

That sounds like unusual behaviour. Do you see any errors in your browser’s dev tools console (F12)? That might be able to tell us what’s going wrong.

One thing that might be happening (though there should be a proper error message for it if it happens) is that your account might be teetering near a data quota, and as soon as the LevelDB database adds new content it pushes it over. You could check that by checking The Forge and following the steps outlined on Managing storage on The Forge - Your Asset and Data Library if it’s at the limit.

Let me know if you see anything in the console!