Foreground Layer Image Dimensions Error

Running PF2e on Foundry and I keep getting a bug in one scene of a premium module (Abomination Vaults). “The dimensions of your configured foreground layer image do not match the dimensions of the background layer image from this scene. The foreground has been resized which may have undesired results.”

This causes various sizing issues and large areas of blackness with no floor images visible. Just black with walls and lightning.

I’ve search the error and sound mentions that it’s a Chrome bug when your system drive is full.

The problem is that this error is showing for myself (GM) and all players, so I’m thinking there’s something server side causing it. That scene was fine a few weeks ago, but now it’s broken every time I try to load it. Changing browsers didn’t help, either.

I’m at a loss.

I’m not terribly tech savvy with this type of stuff, so I’m posting here as a last ditch effort.

Hey there :wave:

This warning usually means that the foreground or background images have been changed (or is possibly mismatched in a particular version of that module) and are of different dimensions.

If you right click on and configure the scene, you should see something like this:
(from Scenes | Foundry Virtual Tabletop)

Please check the Background and Foreground images and make sure that they’re pointing to images that are of the same size.

The issue you described is likely coming from the automated resizing that’s happening.

If one of them is pointing to a different image than it was originally pointing towards, you should be able to configure the image and find the one in your Assets Library that it was originally intended to use.


Hope that helps!