File Manager (or Remote Access) for Assets Library

One feature that would be really useful is some sort of file manager for the assets library. Right now, I don’t know if it’s possible to reorganize files once they’re uploaded. For example, if I want to move an image into a subfolder, it seems like I have to delete the image and re-upload where I want to move it. If this is possible and I just haven’t stumbled on how, please let me know!

I can see how implementing a file manager might be a bit much though. Alternatively, would it be possible to gain remote access (e.g. SFTP) to wherever the assets library is being hosted? This way, you wouldn’t need to implement a file manager since users could rely on FTP apps like FileZilla. It would also make it easier to perform bulk uploads (e.g. without having to ZIP-compress them first). However, I suspect that there’s more that goes on behind the scenes when we upload using the web interface, and that this functionality couldn’t trivially be implemented if users had direct access to the file server.

What are your thoughts, @kakaroto?

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Hey @exkalibur911,
That’s one of the most often requested thing and one of the biggest pain points for users.

Improving the assets library to allow file renames, multi-file uploads, drag/drop move of files and directories, multi selection of files for deletion, etc… are all part of the current work I’m doing to revamp the assets library.
You can see the feature roadmap here : Forge Feature Roadmap
As for FTP support, you can see a previous answer of mine on that specific subject here : The assets library needs a mass select/delete option

Hopefully that’s satisfying to everyone, I can’t wait to share the new changes. The first step will be revamp of the backend to allow optimized uploads, and then I’ll work on a new UI for managing the files in a more convenient way.

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