Fellow Torg GMs... Attention... Card Play

My friends, if you run Torg Eternity, or any other card-intensive RPG on Foundry, and you have not been paying attention to your games, particularly Torg Eternity, a problem has cropped up with v9 268 where the cards do not act properly, per: v9.266 regression - Deck "Reset & Deletion" fails on deck with drawn cards (#6941) · Issues · Foundry Network / Foundry Virtual Tabletop · GitLab .

If you are on The Forge, you should shut down your server, change your version to v9 266, and everything should run normally when you start your server up, again. This issue was found, this morning, our Torg Game System development team lead spent two hours trying to check it out in the TGS, to see if it was something our team had done, but now the Foundry team are aware of it and all of us are seeking a resolution.

My team and I apologize for any trouble this may cause, but we ARE on top of it and, for those of us on the Forge, including me, this is an easy temporary fix. For those running their own Torg Eternity servers, on the other hand…

If you have any questions, I can attempt to field them, here, but I’ve pretty much told you what I know.

Good luck, happy gaming. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE (4/23/22): With updates to the Foundry to 9.269, the issues in the Foundry have been resolved. With a short spat of complications the TGS crew faced, together, which are now resolved, the Torg Game System is back to operational. Simply update Foundry, The Torg Game System, and the Core Rulebook and Living Land Modules, all in the same short span of time and you’ll have access to updated GM screens, card setup and play, and we’re even in the beta version for automatic damage placement on targets, which has received good reviews, thus far.

Happy gaming, folks.

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