Feature: Delete worlds

The ability for users to delete individual worlds is required as some players may have some bad world data, or corrupted worlds or simply want to start fresh. Adding the ability to list worlds and delete them would be beneficial.

Current plan is to have a “Tools” button in the My Foundry page, probably somewhere below the Import Wizard button, and the Tools button would be a dropdown offering extra options for users, one of which would be “Delete Worlds”. Once selected, a dialog would open with the list of worlds available, and the option to delete them (one at a time). Upon selection, user would be required to confirm their choice by typing the name of the world, and given the option to export the data first.

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I have to write something here.

Well, you’re technically not supposed to have any folders other than worlds, systems and modules.
Any assets go into the assets library…

Content delete feature is added, yeay! And also added an ‘orphans’ feature to delete files that shouldn’t be there, or for when FVTT crashes mid-module-update for example (usually when it runs out of space, you get the zip file left there).

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Yeah, was really nice ^^
Basically deleted half my game data with it :wink:

Good job anyways! I see you’re already on the task of getting other things done.

Only “critic” I have is as in the past the features doesn’t look “clickable”. Other than that the whole feature looks amazing <3


What do you mean ? I’m guessing some typo or autocorrect or my own brain makes me unable to parse this sentence.
Do you mean that the list of items doesn’t have the mouse pointer change icon to know it’s clickable ?

I think that is exactly what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the first time :wink:

Thanks for looking into this. I need to purge a failed attempt to migrate a world form Roll20.