Feature: Add a demo server

Note: This feature would go against the Foundry VTT licensing terms. It is therefore entirely dependent on receiving authorization from Foundry Gaming LLC

Providing a demo of Foundry is great, but having a single demo server where users can only login as players isn’t that great when we have the infrastructure in place to do more.
The idea would be that a logged in user at the Player tier would be able to launch a demo server which gets created automatically, using a random URL and launches a new, preconfigured FVTT server with a pre-populated world that serves as both a demo, and as a tutorial of FVTT’s features.
Such a demo server would run for exactly one hour, after which point it would be forcibly shut down and its data deleted.
The user could re-launch the demo, but they would start with a fresh world, preventing them from abusing the system and using the demo server to run actual games.
With this setup in place, a user could create new players and invite their friends to try out the multi-user features (such as mouse pointer moves, audio/video, show handout to players, etc…) and have total control over their own personal demo server.

The one hour limit and deletion of data is I believe a good way to prevent abuse and still gives enough time to demo the game properly to newcomers and gives them all the freedom to try it with friends for previewing the multi-user features.

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This has now been implemented in the Explorer Mode feature of the Forge, so closing this ticket!