Failed to import content from DnD Beyond to Bazaar

Hi there. I would like to try the integration with DnD Beyond but when I try to import one of the books that doesnt need Patreon in order to take a look at the importer I got the next message:

Failed to import content: Unknown system error -122: Unknown system error -122, copyfile ‘/forge-vtt/bazaar/dndbeyond/cache/lmop/16/version.txt’ → ‘/forge-vtt/users/610eec0b94698a06361080b6/Data/dndbeyond/lmop/version.txt’

I woul really appreciate if someone can help me out with this matter. Thanks so much.

Hey there @oathforge :wave:

Apologies for the late reply here, but I think that there had been a reply to you on Discord support.

That error implies that your Game Data is over quota, I believe, which will disallow the install since there needs to be a file written into Game Data during that process.

You can check your Game Data quota here You need an active subscription to be able to do the import, since it imports into your user/game data.