Extremely slow uploads

Is there something going on that is causing ridiculously slow upload times? I am trying to upload a single 50 KB (yes, just KB) file and it is taking approximately 5 minutes for that one single file to upload via the asset library upload feature. This is very inconvenient. I tested my Internet speed and it’s not on my end.

Appears to be fixed now. Temporary I suppose. Thanks!

I continuously have this problem… it comes and goes. Usually over the weekends i see it. Its frustrating because that is when my games are being run.

Hi there :wave:

We have seen this issue happening intermittently sometimes due to Chrome extensions, ISP maintenance, or certain antivirus software which delays or otherwise prevents the uploaded file from reaching the assets server, regardless of general upload speed.

If you’re running into the issue, could I please ask that you double check your browser dev tools (F12) network tab, filter for upload, and check the timings of the associated POST requests. There should be 3 requests, one OPTIONS, and two POST.

This information would be very valuable in helping us troubleshoot the issue in your particular case. What we’re trying to find out is whether the upload is reaching the server and your browser is stuck waiting for it, or if something is blocking it from connecting or uploading, which can sometimes be client side. This should help us know where to look for a solution :slight_smile:

I’ve included examples from Firefox and Chrome, here below: