Extremely long loading after migrating from self-host VTT

Hey guys, I just recently migrated one of my running Worlds to The Forge, but I’ve noticed the initial load time of my world is extremely long. The world size is about 31-32 mb. The following modules are active on the server right now (60):


After following the “World Size Check” Guide, I’ve noticed that my actors.db is 29-30mb large, but those are just tokens (NPC and PC alike)!


I’ve included (almost) all of my battle maps via external links, the only bulk in the World folder currently are the created tokens (about 30mb). The initial load can take up to a minute, which can be very annoying when changing module settings on-the-fly.

Game Data:

  • System: D&D 5th Edition (1.3.6)
  • FoundryVTT: 0.8.8

It would be fantastic if someone could help me figure out why this initial giga-load happens. Best regards

There is a lot of different reasons for long load times.

Looking at the worlds above, that is way more than 31MB, just in the fog.db alone you would have around 30MB.

Actors around 30 could be the fault here too. I would recommend putting them into a shared compendium.

Huge world maps on load can be the cause. If the map is huge (over 8000px) the load time will be hit. This is extended by the amount of walls and that fog.db.

Lastly, try disabling all your modules and see if it helps. Sometimes modules will clog the system.

I am also seeing a banned module, which has been known to cause issues.
Please look at our piracy policy.

As per Rule 4, The Forge does not condone piracy! Do not post about it in our Discord, or ask us questions about it.

But it’s not illegal where I’m/you’re at because of “x reason”?

The Forge is a Canadian company and piracy is illegal in Canada. Yes, it is also illegal to import the content using copyright-infringing methods, even if you do own the content.

But you shouldn’t stop users from installing what they want on their personal tables!

Unfortunately, users have often disrupted/broken their worlds or tables using these copyright-infringing methods. The problem is too disruptive to ignore, and so we are forced to take action.

Why do you delete comments that don’t reference piracy, but cite the rule?

Sometimes users try to be “subtle” about their piracy in Discord, and hint at it to others. Unfortunately, we have to take a strong stance on this so that we don’t become a platform where users can hint toward piracy, and then discuss it in private with others. If you feel that your comments were misconstrued, let us know.

You don’t have to legally cover yourself for “x reason” .

We do. Even if discussing methods of piracy were legal (they’re not), a lawsuit would still consume vast amounts of time and resources that would jeopardize the core business of The Forge, not to mention endanger current and future relationships with business partners. And as a baseline, we like it when the people creating stuff get paid for their work .

Yes, I’ve already tried to disable all modules, didn’t change the load times sadly. I think the illegal Module you meant is **** right? I’ll disable it now.

What I’ve noticed after a bit of research and Discord Server Diving is that my compendiums are very large, and it seems like Foundry‘s 0.8.x update (which added HTTP2) changed the indexing of the compendiums to on load. I feel like this is more likely the reason why the initial load takes so long.

Finally, we have very large maps because of the module we are playing (DotMM), and exporting them into a compendium would probably (as mentioned above) just shift the problem to somewhere else. As mentioned, I’ve already reduced the maps to a bare minimum, even using external resources for the map files.

Maybe The ForgeVTT could add a „Compendium Cache“ of some sorts to help with this new Foundry „feature“. I will try to migrate my world back to 0.7.x as this seems to be the easiest solution right now.

So, of note, You DO have a known Piracy Module, which is against Forge Terms of Service.

EVEN disabled, that Module has already done damage to your world. We’ve run across far too many instances where the ONLY remedy was to create a brand new world, it’s literally that bad in the damage it does to FoundryVTT Worlds (above and beyond being Piracy).