Exporting Media library to save it in local

Hello there !
So I have populated my media library with thousand of sounds, all linked in my world playlist… Tens of work hours !
Is there a way to backup it locally on my computer ?
Thank you in advance for any answer !

Hi @markjan and welcome!
Yes, you can definitely back them up locally, have a look at our FAQ article here: Backing up your assets library locally - Docs - The Forge

The advantage of our Asset Sync is that you can regularly run it to sync your files locally without redownloading everything that you already have, and it is very fast for subsequent syncs.
Note however that if you’re using Foundry v11 locally, it might not work as we’ve been made aware of some v11 specific bugs that we haven’t yet had a chance to fix.
(We’re also looking into a standalone application instead of having it run as a Foundry module)

I hope that helps!

Thank You very much, Kakaroto, it works perfectly !