Exporting/Importing Shared Compendium not working as expected


I am trying to find a quick way to change the folders of my images (from “ddb-images” to “images”) and I figured the easiest way to do this would be to export my Shared Compendiums, edited the files locally (find and replace ‘ddb-images’ with ‘images’), and then import the newly saved compendium files using the Import Wizard. This is not working as I expected it would as the image links are not being imported. Is there a reason for this or am I doing it wrong somehow?

Changing each compendium entry individually is going to take a long time so I really need this to work. If someone could please let me know how to accomplish what I am looking to do that would be fantastic.

Thank you!


What you’ve done should work by my knowledge, you should edit the module.json, label is the shown name to others. It should keep all the files in the same file. See

Hope that helps you :smiley:

I have the shared compendiums working already, I don’t want to edit the shared compendiums, I want to edit the information inside those compendiums, the .db files, which looks like they’re just text files. So I do that, find and replace all instances matching my old images folder (ddb-images) with my new folder structure (images). After importing using the wizard absolutely nothing changes, all of the old images are still using the old folder. It doesn’t make any sense.

I wonder if it takes some amount of time for the changes to take effect, as I checked a few entries in one of the compendiums immediately after the import and nothing had changed, but I just checked them again now and it appears as though the image links have changed.

Perfect, this is the end result I was looking for. Thank you for confirmation and I will just wait a bit after making a change to look for it to take effect in Foundry.

It might just be that you had Foundry open at the time of import. Make sure you close all Foundry tabs and stop the server before importing the modified module, as once Foundry launches, it reads the files and keeps them in memory only. It will then overwrite them again once it closes, so your changes might get lost if you try to import while Foundry is running.
That might explain the issue you encountered (I hope).

Ah that might be it. I definitely had Foundry open a few times while trying it. I didn’t realize that it would overwrite on exit. Thanks, that helps to explain what I was probably seeing.