Export Assets

I am trying to export my assets to my personal Foundry VTT installation, and have reached this step:
15. Select the “Open Asset Sync” button. You should get the following popup:
But I can’t find the “Open Assets Sync” button anywhere? Has it moved, or is there an alternative way of reaching it?

Inside your local Foundry VTT installation, did you install and enable the latest “Forge VTT” module? Also, did you check for the Asset sync button under the Forge module’s settings ?
Can you post a screenshot of the module configuration dialog please?

Sure. I just installed the mod right before this, using manifest URL, so it should be the latest version. And I can add the API key.

But as you can see, no “Open Assets Sync” button:

Hey there :wave:

I noticed from the appearance of the UI in that screenshot that this appears to be Foundry v9, and running a system / modules that modify the UI slightly.

Could you please tell me the version of your self-hosted Foundry app, as well as whether you’re accessing it using a browser or the standard Foundry app?

Your self-hosted Foundry is different from the one that’d be running on the Forge.
I think that’s possibly where the confusion is coming in, you need to be on your self-hosted Foundry app.

Running on the Forge hides the Open Assets Sync button, since you can’t sync from the Forge to the Forge :smile:

If you’re sure that this is Foundry that you’re hosting yourself, and not on The Forge, please let me know the version of your The Forge module as it appears in Manage Modules.

You might also want to try opening a fresh world with only the The Forge module active (or in another system), in case the UI element is being hidden by the system/module.

I actually had a “D’oh!”-moment when I realized exactly what you said - that I had tried this witrhin The Forge, where it naturally won’t work. But I still couldn’t see it in my self-hosted environment either.

Turned out that there was a language module that I had activated that removed the feature. Once that was deactivated, the function is available again. Thanks!

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