Experienced gm look for players

Ive gm’d every system under the sun and im looking for 3 people for a new long term game. You may have noticed i didn’t specify a system. That’s because im willing to run anything.

I’d like to play 5e D&D. I am also interested in LotR and Game of Thrones. What time zone are you in? I’m available on weekends and weekday evenings late. I’m in Chicago (GMT-5). Weekends would be best. I like the idea of a long term game oriented around telling a good story.

5e would be good, I am PST and can do Mondays-Wednesday evenings. I would like a find a Runequest, or Shadowrun game.

I know 5e,pathfinder,shadowrun,vampire the masquerade,but am more comfortable with 5e and pathfinder open availability with the exception of friday

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Were you able to fill the 3 players? if not I’m interested, 5e, although what day and time will we be playing?