Experienced GM and two friends looking for another 2-3 players for a High Seas Campaign

Hey, my name is Josh and I have been GMing and Playing Tabletop games for about 7 years now. I have mostly run games in the d20 Fantasy space, DND 5e, Pathfinder 1st and 2nd edition, and my personal favorite Starfinder. Skulls and Shackles was the first adventure path that I played in Pathfinder 1st Edition, and I wanted to go ahead and retread some old steps and find my roots for a long-term 2e homebrew adventure in the high seas of Golarion specifically set around the Shackles.
Joining me are two long-term players that I’ve run a few adventures, and we’re hoping to find some friendly but seriously hungry roleplayers looking to stretch their legs and the whole 9 yards. Character voices, complex backstories, interesting and dynamic narratives that aren’t bogged down so deeply in tropes while also meshing roleplay into real crunchy combat encounters. I want something that has the legs to match some of the more dramatic scenes you can find in Actual Play podcasts you might’ve seen, like the Glass Cannon or Critical Role, while remaining a home table atmosphere and pacing. To start us off, I wanted to run a level 3-5 module in the Arcadian Ocean to serve as a foundation to test group cohesion.
In terms of content, I was going to open the floor for the players to set their own goals and chart their adventures through the Shackles, but with a heavy emphasis on high-seas adventures. There’s plenty of treasure to be looted, ruins to be explored, and taverns to get drunk in. But I also have the tools and NPCs to sell long-term dramas with multi-arc narratives based on how deeply entrenched you all decide to become in the politics of your chosen home, if you decide to embroil yourself in the first place. Where we start and end is up to fate and the dice, but I hope the campaign takes us across the grand vistas that can be found along the coastline of Garund while encountering ancient civilizations not often touched by other adventures.
Starting within the next few weekends (whether we decide to play on Saturday or Sunday depending on everyone’s schedules), we will be running The Light of Sharkteeth Cove, a module by Alan Tucker. It has a variety of naval intrigue, social encounters, ruins exploration, and good ol’ bloody combats to test your mettle as a tabletop gamer. In kind, I was hoping to find people who were comfortable with Pathfinder 2e, roleplay-heavy games, and also the kind of tactical combat that Pathfinder veterans of 1st edition are comfortable seeing. All the better if you have experience in older game systems like BX, Moldvay Basic, the new Revival Systems, or some of the narrative-driven Apocalypse Games found in the modern day. I draw from a large well of other systems for inspiration, and plan on homebrewing touches here and there to make sure the rules of 2e do not get in the way of any story we were hoping to tell. In that vein, I’ve already begun the arduous task of using other people’s work, and have co-opted VaranSL’s fantastic Naval Combat and Plunder & Infamy 2nd Edition adaptations from 1st. Amongst other homebrew, I would like to explore, and already proven subsystems like Gradual Ability Boost, Free Archetype, and the Stamina system from the GMG so we can see if they are useful for a full campaign framework. If you want to take a look at my first draft of the full adventure Player’s Guide, you can find it here.
There are more details to hash out and before I invite anyone to the game, I would like to sit down with you and have a conversation about your experience with tabletop games and the expectations that we want to establish for the table. Some necessities though, you must be 18+ to play, have a working microphone that is intelligible, able to speak English well enough to understand, and have a working computer that can handle Foundry. Which, is going to be our RPG platform of choice for running the game, with Discord being our VOIP and home for game documents. We will be playing around 6 PM CST, weekly for four hours, with maybe some flexibility on start or end time, which is set to be discussed when we have finalized players for the module. Please add me on Discord at goliathead#0017 and we can start chatting!

Hello, I would like to apply to join your table. I am new to Pathfinder; I have most of the 2E books, but I haven’t played at all. I am, however, a huge fan of the Glass Cannon network, listening to every episode the GCN has produced since 2017. I loved their Giant Slayer campaign, and I am eager to play at a table that encourages that kind of deep role-play in an easy-going environment.

I’ve been playing TTRPGs since I was 12, starting with the old AD&D. I have played in various homebrew D&D campaigns and Warhammer FRPG campaigns, along with several one-offs of various RPGs.

I’m on the West Coast. I have a beefy laptop that can run Foundry VTT, and video camera and headset. I work from home, so I’m pretty flexible in my schedule. Best days for me are Friday and Saturday.

Hey there! I know this is a few days old, so I hope I’m not too late. But I would be very interested! I have always had a thing for pirates and enjoy the idea of swashing some buckles!

I am largely a Forever DM, cutting my teeth as an AL DM back when 5e first released. Since then I have played a lot of different systems, and I was lucky enough to spend the last 4 years playing at a wonderful PF1e table. I’ve been DMing PF2e in an Abomination Vaults campaign for about a year, but my only experience as a player in PF2e is in short one-evening sessions.

I work from home, I enjoy the tactical crunch of a complex system taken to its limits, and I will say that I am particularly proud of my knowledge of pirate lingo.

Let me know if there’s still room and if you wanna chat more about me joining the table.

any chance you guys are still looking for members? would love to jump in.

Hello, very interested in your game, I’m available sundays if you’re still seeking people.