Experience DM looking for players! Slots are filling up and grace period is changing!

About the Games

System Used: DND 5E

Experience needed: All experience levels are welcome!

Price: First 2 are free, any beyond that will be 15$ per session.

Rating: Mature, players must be 18 or over.

Schedule: All sorts of campaigns are open. Slots are open Monday-Thursday 7pm CST and Monday-Wednesday 8am CST

About Me

Hello! My name is Ace! I’ve been playing D&D 5e for 10 years now, and have been DMing for 9 of those years. I have ran plenty of homebrewed campaigns over those years, my most polished ones being my trilogy of Elements of War, Gears and Magic, and Veins of the Past!

Over the years, my players have given me high praise on settings the atmosphere, and my ability to draw them into the story, making them always want more.

I pride myself in creating a wonderful storytelling experience that will never leave you with a boring moment. That being said, my campaigns do tend to have a heavy mix of storytelling and roleplaying, but don’t think that’s the only things available, I enjoy creating challenging and engaging combat situations as well!

As mentioned above, my first 2 sessions of any campaign will be free! This gives you opportunity to decide if my DMing style is something you want to commit to or not, and if not, then you can back out without paying a single cent! Although, my goal will be 100% to tailor to the players, and make sure it’s something they enjoy! The last thing I would want is someone to be paying to play a game they don’t enjoy.

So, if you would be willing to give me a chance to be your DM, I would love to include you into one of my stories! If there is any interest at all, you can comment here, or privately message me for any details or questions you may have!
I look forward to being your Dungeon Master!