Everdusk, Paid [$25 USD] Looking for Players, Fridays at 9:00 PM EST, experianced Roleplayers

Hello everyone! My name is Draconus and I am a professional dungeon master for three years now and I am looking for one or two players to join in my Friday game in my fully homebrewed world of Aerath.

Everdusk is a Heavy RP game that has a group agreement to have almost no restrictions on content to allow the group to push themselves to their Roleplaying limits and enjoy a D&D 5e game with all its wonders and dark tales.

The setting takes the party from a 1890’s western frontier region to the heart of the worlds vampire mythos in a region called Everdusk when they reach Level 5.

At present we have three long term players who have been playing for 36 or so sessions as commoners and are now on the cusp of reaching their first adventuring levels. One has already reached their 1st level through personal story quests and the others will be joining on their own quests soon.

We have recently migrated from roll 20 to foundry, but most of us have used foundry quite a bit, but there is still some “learning the ropes” in the functionality of the VTT. I have a very large amount of homebrewed content being added to the world piece by piece as this world has existed for 25 years in real time and has organically grown through the many games and many PCs who play Draconus Entertainment games. Below is a synapsis of the world and game setting. If you are interested in joining you can contact me on Discord at Draconuswulfe I think you can still use Draconus-Wulfe#4550 which is my legacy name.

All games run by Draconus Entertainment™ are LGBTQ+ friendly and provide a safe, and open environment for new, and veteran players alike. Any discrimination towards other players, or remarks that could be considered discriminatory towards marginalized groups or otherwise is not tolerated.


This is a heavy roleplaying horror setting inspired by Dracula, Frankenstein, and Lovecraftian horror. Characters are commoners using a homebrewed system, but will soon be adventurer level 1. When joining this game you should expect.

  • More Roleplaying than combat
  • High focus on building interpersonal relationships between characters
  • Body Horror and dark imagery featuring Werewolves, vampires and all manner of thing that go bump in the night
  • High risk encounters both combat and not
  • Spooks and scares
  • A vast world filled with lore
  • Personal Story development
  • Insanity, injury, and meaningful death (if that happens)

About me, your DM

My name is Draconus, and I am a professional Game master running three years of homebrewed campaigns built on a world with 25 years of lore, history, thought and development. This world is deep, nine novels and over twenty short stories later we have the evolved and living world of Aerath. That of course was only the start. After two years of doing this professionally -and engaging deeply with my players- the world has evolved into its own vibrant place ripe with opportunity for adventure, Roleplaying and for heroes to rise. A world shaped by players but not dominated by them. To truly understand this you must first understand who I am as DM, and as a story teller.

About this Game

Everdusk, the World setting [In-Character]

For 30 days and 30 nights a torrential downpour flooded the frontier town of angel road. Serpents and retiles flooded the street sand endangered the townsfolk. With no end in sight and no government intervention a group of common folks looking for an uncommon life took on the seemingly impossible task of breaking the storm.

Through difficulty and injury those common folk managed to uncover a secret plot by the Lord of Rot’s disciples to bring about a regional crisis. As they returned to Angel Road with the sun finally peering through the clouds and a young princess in hand they found a town seemingly under investigation. Powerful undead have been sighted. No longer so common as they once were they find themselves first on the list of the sheriff of Angel Road to aid the town.

It will take more then the few heroes who have come from the ranks of commoner to defend against the rising troubles and now a call to arms comes from the Capital city of Freeland. Rumors now stretch far and wide that dark beings originating from the terrifying Dark Domain of Everdusk are invading the shadows of the common life, and common folk of Angel Road.

Everdusk [Out-of-Character]

The Everdusk game setting is one of gothic horror and dark fantasy. The characters in this game began their adventure as young hopeful commoners seeking to find their place in the world. The goal of this game is to bring a Heavy Roleplay setting filled with horror and dark fantasy inspired by Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, and the like. This game has run several sessions now, but the party members are still commoners but on the last level before reaching adventurer level 1.

New players/Character Joining this setting will start of equal level to the party, and the details of how they came to be a “little more then common” will be discussed with the DM.

That is all for now, you can apply in the application section below. It is a very simple application, and everyone is accepted unless I have more apps then slots open and then I will always choose the more engaged Roleplay-Heavy applicants over more dungeon delving, combat oriented players. I currently have 2 slots open, the party is currently a Twilight Cleric, To be Goomstalker/ranger and a to be wildmagic sorcerer/barbarian/wild magic. This game has been running for 37 weeks (as of July 21st 2023). I will gladly help people acclimate to the game, but I need players to take some initiative in engaging their characters with the party.