Estimated time for Modules to become live in game

After i install a module from the bazaar I have noticed that not only is the module not available inside my games immediately but it can be up to 2-3 hours before i am able to use those modules. I have tried stopping and starting a game server as well as completely closing out of all open browser tabs and these dont noticeably alter the time it takes for the module to “go live” in my worlds. Am i missing something or is there just a general delay for this kind of thing?

Personally I have not experienced this - I always see the modules as soon as i start back up the game. I guess if someone is connected to the game, it does have to be able to restart before the modules would show.
So the two main things I would suggest looking at is ensuring nobody is on the game/server when adding the module, and the other thing would be to check if your browser is somehow caching things too hard.

The only reason for it not to appear, would be if Foundry is open, as Foundry will only check the installed list of modules when it starts (or if you install something from within Foundry itself).
That’s why when you install a module from the Bazaar, and you have an open tab into one of your games, it will give you a warning notification about needing to restart the server for the change to take effect.
Manually stop/starting the server should be all you need in that case.