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About Me

Greetings, adventurers of the digital realm! I am a seasoned professional Dungeon Master with an unwavering passion for storytelling and immersive role-playing experiences. My journey into the enchanting world of tabletop RPGs began in 2018, and since then, I’ve embarked on countless adventures, both as a player and as a Dungeon Master.

A Journey Unveiled

Over the past six years, I’ve poured over 5,328 hours into honing my craft on Roll20, where I’ve had the pleasure of weaving intricate tales for players from all corners of the globe. Guiding adventurers through more than 50 successful campaigns, I’ve witnessed their triumphs, defeats, and unforgettable moments that make tabletop gaming a truly magical experience.

The Birth of a Business

In 2021, my passion for storytelling evolved into a thriving business venture. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, I founded a hub for unparalleled RPG adventures. This journey led me to establish a virtual presence through a dedicated website and YouTube channel, where I showcase my creative writing talents and bring my gaming sessions to life for an ever-expanding global audience.

Crafting Worlds, One Dice Roll at a Time

My approach to Dungeon Mastering is an art form in itself. With each game, I meticulously craft worlds filled with rich lore, engaging NPCs, and challenging quests that captivate and immerse my players. I’m committed to providing unforgettable adventures that transport players to fantastical realms where they can become the heroes of their own stories.

Call to the Netherdeep

Campaign Setting: The campaign unfolds in the mysterious and perilous realm known as the Netherdeep, a vast subterranean world hidden beneath the surface of the earth. In this underground domain, civilizations, monsters, and ancient secrets collide in a world of darkness and intrigue.

Campaign Themes:

Exploration: The Netherdeep is a vast and uncharted underground expanse, offering endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Players will navigate treacherous caves, forgotten cities, and hidden chambers in search of ancient knowledge and lost treasures.

Intrigue: The campaign is rife with political intrigue, as powerful factions vie for control of vital resources and ancient artifacts. Players will find themselves entangled in the complex web of alliances, rivalries, and power struggles that define the Netherdeep.

Dark Magic: The Netherdeep is a realm where magic takes on a darker and more mysterious form. Players will encounter ancient sorceries, eldritch horrors, and enigmatic magical artifacts that hold the potential for great power or dire consequences.

Campaign Highlights:

Epic Quests: Players will embark on epic quests that will take them deep into the heart of the Netherdeep. These quests may involve unraveling the mysteries of the underground world, thwarting dark conspiracies, or battling formidable foes.

Character Development: The campaign places a strong emphasis on character development. Players will have the opportunity to shape their characters’ backgrounds, motivations, and personal quests, making them central to the unfolding story.

Moral Dilemmas: Throughout their journey, players will face moral dilemmas and ethical choices that can have far-reaching consequences. These decisions will challenge the characters’ beliefs and shape the course of the campaign.

Dynamic World: The Netherdeep is a dynamic and evolving world. The actions of the players will have a tangible impact on the world around them, influencing the balance of power, the fate of factions, and the overall state of the underground realm.

Engaging Role-Playing: Players will engage in deep role-playing interactions with a diverse cast of NPCs, each with their own personalities, goals, and secrets. Building relationships and making allies will be crucial to success.

Balanced Gameplay: The campaign offers a balanced mix of challenges, including puzzles, diplomacy, and combat encounters. Players of various playstyles will find opportunities to shine.

Premium Experience: “Call to the Netherdeep” offers a premium D&D experience, including:

A professional Game Master dedicated to creating an immersive narrative.

High-quality maps and artwork to enhance immersion.

Regular, consistent sessions to maintain the momentum of the story.

Heroic Impact: The fate of the Netherdeep rests in the hands of the players. They are the heroes whose choices and actions will determine the ultimate destiny of this underground realm.

Join the Adventure: “Call to the Netherdeep” promises a thrilling, immersive, and unforgettable D&D experience. Are you ready to answer the call, explore the depths, and leave your mark on this mysterious underground world? Embark on an epic journey and become a legend in the Netherdeep!

If you’d like to request an invite to play, then simply send me a private message with the following information:

Your name:

Campaign name/day/time: ( Campaign Sunday 8 to 11pm Est )

Your Discord ID:

Briefly describe what you’re looking for in a gaming experience:

Your online D&D experience: none / beginner / intermediate / expert

Do you understand that the game costs $18 Canadian per session or per month via PayPal

Provide a few details about your character such as name, class, race, and backstory. (It’s OK if you haven’t decided yet.)

Join Acquisitions Incorporated: Adventurers Wanted!

Introduction : Are you ready to embark on a corporate adventure like no other? Acquisitions Incorporated is recruiting intrepid individuals to join our ranks and explore the thrilling world of corporate adventuring! Join us in a campaign that blends commerce, comedy, and chaos into a unique D&D experience.

Campaign Setting: Our campaign is set in the bustling city of Waterdeep, where the Acquisitions Incorporated franchise thrives. You’ll play as employees (or interns!) of the renowned adventuring corporation, tasked with uncovering treasures, negotiating contracts, and navigating the challenges of corporate life in a high-fantasy world.

Character Requirements: While all character classes and races are welcome, we encourage characters with a flair for business, intrigue, or a dash of humor. Creativity and a willingness to embrace the corporate theme are highly encouraged!

Player Expectations: We’re looking for dedicated players who can commit to regular sessions [Specify frequency, e.g., “bi-weekly on Saturdays at 6 PM EST”]. Role-playing is strongly encouraged, and a sense of humor will serve you well in this campaign. A willingness to engage with the corporate world and delve into comedic situations is a must!

Application Process: Interested in joining our corporate ranks? Send us a PM [Provide a contact method, such as a forum PM or email] with the following:

If you’d like to request an invite to play, then simply send me a private message with the following information:
Your name:
Campaign name/day/time:
Your Discord ID:
Briefly describe what you’re looking for in a gaming experience:
Your online D&D experience: none / beginner / intermediate / expert
Do you understand that the game costs $15 per session or per month via PayPal
Provide a few details about your character such as name, class, race, and backstory. (It’s OK if you haven’t decided yet.)

Attention Adventurers! Level 1 to 7 Campaign, seeking 1 more slot Saturday 12 to 3pm EST

Recruitment Notice: Join the Exciting Quest of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the fabled city of Waterdeep? We are currently seeking brave and resourceful adventurers to embark on a thrilling quest to uncover the legendary Dragon Hoard. If you have a thirst for treasure, a knack for unraveling mysteries, and a keen eye for danger, then this is the opportunity for you!


Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is a captivating adventure module set in the vibrant city of Waterdeep. The story revolves around a hidden cache of gold known as the Dragon Hoard, which has attracted the attention of various factions, organizations, and individuals. As a player character, you will find yourself in the midst of a high-stakes treasure hunt, navigating the city’s treacherous streets, and encountering a host of intriguing characters along the way.

About Waterdeep:

Waterdeep, often hailed as the City of Splendors, is a bustling metropolis teeming with life, culture, and opportunity. As you explore its labyrinthine streets, you will uncover a rich tapestry of noble houses, merchants, guilds, and secrets waiting to be unraveled. The city’s council of masked Lords rules from the shadows, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to every corner.

What to Expect:

As a participant in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, you can anticipate an immersive urban adventure filled with exploration, investigation, and thrilling encounters. You will have the chance to interact with a diverse cast of characters, including powerful wizards, crafty rogues, and corrupt politicians. The choices you make and the alliances you forge will shape the outcome of the story, providing a unique and personalized experience for each player.

Recruitment Information:

We are looking for adventurers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice seeking your first adventure, all are welcome to join. The module is designed for characters of levels 1 to 5, providing a balanced challenge for players of varying skill levels.

To apply for this quest, gather your companions and prepare a brief introduction about your character, including their race, class, and a brief backstory. Share your character’s motivations for seeking the Dragon Hoard and any notable skills or abilities they possess.

Once your application is complete, reach out to our recruitment coordinator and schedule an interview. This will give us an opportunity to gauge your compatibility with the adventure and ensure a cohesive party dynamic.

Join us on this epic journey through the streets of Waterdeep, where fortune and glory await those bold enough to seize them! Submit your application today and let the Dragon Heist begin!

Link: WaterDeep Dragon Heist, Fresh Game LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

Curse of Strahd

Sunday 12 to 3 pm Eastern Standard Time

Campaign Setting: The campaign is set in the realm of Barovia, a dark and foreboding land trapped in a perpetual night and ruled by the powerful vampire lord, Strahd von Zarovich. The realm is cut off from the rest of the world and is filled with gothic horrors and tragic tales.

Gothic Horror: The campaign is steeped in gothic horror elements, including vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and tragic backstories. Players will experience the dread and despair of a world overshadowed by darkness.

Tragedy and Despair: Barovia is a land of tragedy, where countless souls are trapped in their own personal hells. Players will encounter NPCs with heartbreaking stories and moral dilemmas.

Investigation and Exploration: Players must explore the land of Barovia, uncover its mysteries, and gather clues to confront Strahd. This often involves investigating old estates, crypts, and haunted places.

Diverse NPCs: Barovia is populated by a range of intriguing and tragic NPCs, each with their own dark pasts. Players will have opportunities to form alliances, rivalries, or assist these characters.

Strahd von Zarovich: Strahd is a complex and intelligent adversary who frequently interacts with the players. He is a powerful vampire lord who sees the characters as both pawns and potential threats.

Moral Ambiguity: The campaign is filled with moral dilemmas and choices that impact the fate of Barovia and its inhabitants. Players must decide how they will deal with the darkness in their own hearts and in the world around them.

Character Development: Characters have opportunities for personal growth and development, and the campaign allows for meaningful backstories and character arcs.

Atmospheric Storytelling: “Curse of Strahd” is known for its atmospheric storytelling, with an emphasis on setting the tone of dread, despair, and gothic horror.

Role-Playing Opportunities: The campaign offers numerous role-playing opportunities, from negotiating with Barovia’s cursed inhabitants to navigating complex social interactions.

Conclusion: “Curse of Strahd” is a campaign that takes players on a journey through a world of gothic horror and dark fantasy. It’s perfect for those who enjoy atmospheric storytelling, moral dilemmas, and a deep sense of immersion. The campaign’s rich lore, complex characters, and the enigmatic Strahd make it a favorite among D&D enthusiasts. It’s an unforgettable adventure that plunges players into the darkness and despair of Barovia, where they must confront both external and internal demons.

Link: Upcoming in November!

Doom Forgotten Realms Level 1 to 20 Epic Campaign Friday’s 8 to 11 pm Est Weekly


Welcome to “Doom Forgotten Realms: Rise Against the Archlich,” a dark and epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in a world where evil has triumphed. In this alternate reality, Tiamat has been successfully summoned, the Princes of Elemental Evil roam freely, and Demogorgon wields the Wand of Orcus, leaving an army of undead in his wake. The once-mighty storm giants have been cast to the bottom of the Ordning, and even Baldur’s Gate itself has been banished to the Nine Hells.

Above all these malevolent forces looms the Archlich Vecna, a sinister and powerful figure who has orchestrated or exploited a series of ever-escalating calamities to conquer the Realms themselves. It is a world where good has lost, and now it’s up to brave adventurers like you to stand against the darkness and rise to the challenge.

Plot Overview:

The Sword Coast, once a beacon of hope, has been divvied up by sinister factions, each wielding their power and terrorizing the lands. The Zhentarim, the mountain giants of Grudd Haug, and the Cult of the Dragon are just a few of the factions that reign with cruel authority. As adventurers, you will find yourselves drawn together by fate or circumstance, forming an unlikely alliance to face the malevolent forces that threaten all existence.

Your ultimate goal is to gather allies, uncover ancient relics, and learn forgotten knowledge that can aid in the fight against the Archlich Vecna. Along the way, you will face heart-wrenching decisions, navigate treacherous political landscapes, and confront the true depths of darkness in your own hearts.

Campaign Themes:

Moral Ambiguity: The world is not black and white; the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players will be confronted with difficult moral choices, testing the strength of their characters’ resolve and conscience.

Survival and Sacrifice: With evil dominating the world, survival is a constant struggle. Players will face harrowing challenges, and their actions may demand great sacrifices to achieve their objectives.

Epic Conflict: The campaign centers around a high-stakes struggle against the powerful and malevolent Vecna. This is a story of epic proportions, where the fate of the entire Realms hangs in the balance.

Redemption and Corruption: The presence of evil can corrupt even the most noble of hearts. Players will be tested, and their journey may lead them down dark paths or offer opportunities for redemption.


If you dare to venture into this dark and dangerous world, join “Doom Forgotten Realms: Rise Against the Archlich.” We are seeking dedicated and imaginative players who are ready to immerse themselves in a campaign of epic scope and emotional depth.


Familiarity with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.

A willingness to explore darker themes and challenging moral dilemmas.

Respectful and collaborative players who enjoy both roleplaying and combat.

Availability for regular sessions [Specify frequency and time zone].

A commitment to attend the “Session Zero” to discuss campaign expectations and character creation.

How to Apply:

Interested players should [provide application details, e.g., email the Game Master, fill out a form, or join a specific Discord server]. In your application, include:

A brief introduction of yourself as a player and your experience with D&D.

A character concept or idea that would suit this dark and intense campaign.

Your availability and time zone.

Link: 💀Doom Forgotten Realms💀 LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

The group is currently level 9 and about 9 months into the campaign, we have 1 slot available

Looking to a join game? Look no further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCA06VEnhXo

Call to the nether still seeking 2 more slots!

We have a new opening for our sunday game. Critical Role: Call to the Netherdeep LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

We have 2 slots open for this epic campaign! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6fL_cqyRiI&list=PLFuoxcuyGpS5xJUEycgciPCXOrFOUJ302