Essence20 Player Looking for Group

:crossed_swords: What game system(s) are you interested in?:
As the topic states, I’m specifically looking for Essence20 games. I currently only have the rules for the Power Rangers and Transformers versions of the system, but if necessary I can probably get my hands on the GI Joe core rules easily. I’m aware that the My Little Pony version of the system exists, but I’m personally not a fan of that franchise.

:spiral_calendar: When can you play:
I am available from around 4pm through the rest of the evening and all night, Eastern time, Wednesdays through Fridays ONLY. My work schedule unfortunately demands that I cannot play on weekends, Mondays, or Tuesdays. During the months of November and December, I am even busier with work and can only get Wednesday nights free.

:question: What should the prospective GM know about you as a player:
I am on the autism spectrum and struggle with social interactions and generalized and/or abstract concepts. As a result, I tend to avoid being the “face” type of PC whenever I can. I also am heavily reliant on visual references to understand what is going on, and as a result I tend to prefer combat-heavy, highly tactical game styles.