Error communicating with Foundry VTT: connect ECONNREFUSED

I tried shutting down the server, logging out…
It worked yesterday, but today I can’t get the server to start…

Hey there :wave:
ECONNREFUSED happens when the Foundry server doesn’t respond while it is starting up. It’s the phase during which the world is loading. We’ve noticed that that takes a bit longer in v12 for some worlds, and are looking at increasing the time Forge waits for the server to start responding before showing the error or improving the indication that it is busy loading.

The world is continuing to start up in the background, so if you give it about 30secs and try again, it usually launches in. Unless there’s a migration happening, which can take a bit longer.
It’ll usually only happen if the world is starting up from idle, so if it hasn’t been accessed for an hour or so, or after its been stopped and started

OK, thanks. Guess I was too impatient, I got it running now! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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