Enhancement: Revamp the login screen

Since the initial proof of concept, the website design has evolved immensely. The current login page is now at odds with the rest of the design and while it’s super cool, it needs to change and be simplified.

The current plan is to have something that looks a little like this mockup that made by a friend :

Users shouldn’t need to confirm their password when creating a new account. If they make a typo at that step and it’s needed, they can reset the password instead. Having a single user/password field combo with login/signup + external authentication methods (Patreon, Google, Twitch and Discord maybe?) will make it look nicer and be easier to use.
If user clicks Sign-up button, a client side script needs to verify that they entered an email instead of a username, and the user would receive instructions by email to finish setting up their account, and a banner message with “An email was sent to <email address> with further instructions” pop up.
Email would contain a link that would confirm their email address and activate the account (valid for 24h, then account gets auto deleted) after they are prompted to enter the additional information needed, such as choosing a username and entering a name/avatar for example.