Enhancement: Flesh out website content

The website is currently missing quite a bit of content, the most obvious ones being the empty ToS and FAQ pages. These need to be written and the website fleshed out.
There are a few things that might be needed, such as clarifying the Plans page as well, perhaps linking them to FAQ pages on the forum for more information on each item/feature.

The ToS need to basically talk about what people can and can’t do, but also what I can and can’t provide. Which versions of FVTT are available for use (so if 0.5.2 is out, and I’m slow to integrate it because it changes the way some things work, then people need to know the latest available version is 0.5.1), and list all of the limitations on Foundry VTT that The Forge imposes.
Off the top of my head, here are some of the limitations :

  • The Forge module is transparently loaded on every game and cannot be disabled
  • You can’t access the new Configuration pane introduced in FVTT 0.5.1 and cannot manually update Foundry’s version
  • You cannot control the configuration options of Foundry, such as
    • You cannot choose the port the server runs on
    • You cannot set a custom hostname, other than the one the table or game has
    • You cannot configure it to use an AWS bucket for files
  • File uploads through Foundry’s File Picker is disabled and the use of the Assets Library is mandatory
  • anything else ?