Editing World Description

I’m trying to edit the World Description for one of my games and I am running across the following Error message: “TypeError: Decoding Failed”, whether I Edit World in the Setup or inside the game, itself. Are there limitations in the length allowed, or in how links are handled inside the editing window, or am I missing something?

Thank you for your time.

I’m not actually sure, it sounds like something the Foundry Discord could help with, as I am a bit lost, unless it is related to Forges description. It is working fine on my side, and I’ve tried troubleshooting it with no avail. So unless there is some left out information I think you would have a better shot at contacting the Foundry crew to see if they know something :smiley: It might also be worth to check console(f12 → console) for red errors and screenshot them to post here.

Thank you for answering this quickly; I appreciate it.

That’s super-strange. Despite the warnings I received, it updated. I’m looking at it, now, and it matches what I copied into my NotePad Text Doc, yesterday.

Let me see if there are any warnings, anyway.

Hmmm, I see what’s loaded, today. Is there a way to make it go back to yesterday? I’m not a big code guy. Sorry.

FYI, we’ve found the issue that caused this error and we fixed it, so it shouldn’t show that error anymore when trying to edit the world description. It was a Forge bug that occurred after the new description was saved, which is why it was still applying the change.

KaKaRoTo, I apologize it’s taken a couple days to get back to you… life has decided to be unbelievably busy and this past week I’ve not been able to do ANYTHING with gaming, really, before last night.

Thank you for the fix, and for letting me know what was going on; I appreciate you.

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