Eberron: The Oracle of War [D&D5E][Paid][$15][LFP][LGBTQ+ Friendly]

:crystal_ball: Eberron: The Oracle of War :crystal_ball:

The Oracle of War is a level 1-20 campaign where the echoes of a magical cataclysm set the stage for rip-roaring pulp action! Think ‘Indiana Jones in a post-apocalyptic magical wasteland’.

In the world of Eberron, magic is technology and the echoes of the Last War pervade the lives of everyone. This is not your typical D&D setting, so be prepared to leave your preconceived notions of goblins and gnolls at the door as we venture into the enigmatic wastes of a once-great nation in search of its lost treasures!

In this campaign, you will:
:cowboy_hat_face: Go to work in the Wild West
:dagger: Kill mutated apocalypse monsters
:world_map: Explore tainted ruins seeping with feral magic
:airplane: Fly in an airship
:steam_locomotive: Rob a train maybe
:robot: Fight robots. Or be robots. Or fight other robots while being a robot.
:man_zombie: Try to outsmart necromatic N*zi’s
:european_castle: Visit fantasy New York in the 1920s
:woman_in_tuxedo: Put on your best outfit for some political intrigue
:dragon: Try to decipher an ancient prophesy written by dragons
:rage: Rage quit when the DM won’t let you use the Artificer class to play as Iron Man

If this sounds like your cup of grog, come join us. It’s going to be an epic adventure sprinkled with loads of custom content specific to YOUR character! See you at the table, partner :wink:

System Used: D&D 5e
Character Level: 1-20
Slots Available: 2 Seats Left
Experience Needed: This game is open to all experience levels though some experience is preferred
Price: $15 USD

DM Style: While I aim to keep my games balanced between roleplay, combat and exploration, I take a heavy emphasis on character-specific content. I love vibrant characters with rich backstories that I can weave into the overarching story, making each player feel like particular encounters are truly ‘for them’ - because they are!
My Website: https://rhettkhan.com/
My Startplaying.games Profile: Professional Game Master - Rhett Khan | StartPlaying

Session Duration: 3-4 Hours
Schedule: Tuesdays @ 6 PM CST
Requirements: D&D Beyond, Discord (microphone essential, camera optional), Forge Account
Link: Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Eberron: The Oracle of War | A Pulp Fantasy Campaign