Eberron (from Bladerunner to Thieves World)

DM or Player? I am a DM looking for 2 players

Game System D&D 5th edition with the use of optional/homebrew rules (see below)

Time Zone London, GMT+0 (winter) or GMT+1 (summer)

Schedule PST Saturdays 22:00/EST Sunday 01:00/GMT Sundays 06:00/AEST Sundays 15:00

Planned Duration Minimum 6 months, last campaign was 4 years

Platform Discord and vtt tbc (our group are reviewing what’s available post-pandemic)

Number of Players 5

Themes & Style Fantasy Noir (Bladerunner meets Thieves World)

Paid? No

Some say the war has ended and yet all you can see are the haunted faces that aren’t your own. The war was your life and now they have given you time to think…to reflect upon all that has been. Some called you a hero; others a patriot. Only you truly know the why of it…and perhaps not even then.

As you scratch your mark (why does the damn thing always itch?), your mind turns to a future of sudden silence…as if the drummer boy no longer plays upon this battlefield. The invitation still at your side, you muse on why you have truly been summoned now…to just eat canapes with the nobility and have someone press another medal upon you?

You suspect otherwise but duty calls and perhaps this event will help you draw a line under it and move on…whether to a new life or a new battlefield yet unseen.

This is an Eberron campaign for 9th level player characters. You will all start as heroes and heroines of Aundair invited to an awards ceremony to mark the ending of the war and the start of new beginnings. How this next chapter ends will be up to you.

To better reflect the mood of Eberron, our group has decided upon a set of both optional and homebrew rules for this game that can be found here. Rules for us are not as important as the roleplay and if you enjoy complex social interaction with layered NPCs then this game might be of interest to you.

Entry into the game will be decided by the rest of the player group, and with that in mind they have asked me to share some of the questions they will ask those who would like to apply:

What are the exploits that make your character renowned?

What relationship does your character have with the Aundarian nobility?

What experiences can you share of past games you have either played or run?

What do you look for in a game that uses homebrew rules?

What types of entertainment do you enjoy aside from TTRPGs?

If you are interested then please click on the Discord server link below and one of the players will be in touch shortly