[DUNE 2d20][Paid $18 per session][Beginner friendly][Looking for 2 players]


The beginning is a very delicate time.
Know then that it is the year 10181.
The Great Spice War is over but the results still echo in the halls of power.

At the behest of the 81st Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV and the Guild, House Harkonnen has been ordered to offer subsidiary spice harvesting franchises to 5 independent houses of the Landsraad.
To ensure a smooth transition, Emperor Shaddam has mandated that the Harkonnens train representatives from the selected houses so that they can be trusted with spice harvesting operations. For the Harkonnen’s part a few minor franchises are agreeable as it is a clear opportunity to free up resources while still collecting a substantial tax tithe. For your House, however, the allocation is substantial, hinting at the possibility of dark intentions and the plots of hidden enemies to discredit, displace or possible destroy your House. Though lucrative, control over the spice mining pales in comparison to Arrakis’ governance, a prize the Harkonnens refuse to relinquish, but then Harkonnen are not ones to let any power or wealth slip from their grasp…
As always and above all else…
The Spice Must Flow.

This game is based on the Agents of Dune campaign setting, as such it is Diplomacy, intrigue and conflict heavy.
Think of it like much like Game of Thrones in space.

System: Dune 2d20
Platform: Foundry Vtt, Discord
Seats Filled: 4/6
Schedule: Weekly Friday, 8:00 PM EST (open to discussion)
Session Length: 3-5 hour.
Pricing: $18/player per session via startplaying games. There is a set of session 0s, they are free.