Double Clicking Left Mouse Button Is Not Working

I’m a new user and my game appears to run normally; however I am unable to reliably double click on any token, light source, or wall segment. Double clicking on a token will successfully open the character sheet about one time in twenty. It has never opened the controlling sheet for a light source or a wall segment. Although I can add them to a scene and control them in a limited fashion, I am unable to edit them or examine their properties. As it is, the game is unusable.
Double clicking the mouse works on the desktop and in the file browser; and the mouse button settings for double clicking test out correctly.
I have the same problem in all three of my browsers — firefox, edge, and chrome.
I suspect there is some system setting that is preventing the mouse double click from getting to the browser; but I am at a loss to find it.

If you could check if your System is up to date with your Foundry version that would be nice, these bugs usually happen if they don’t correspond.

I would love to have a look at the issue, so if you could send a private message with an invitation link to your game, I could have a further look into it.

Thank you for replying.

When I posted the problem, I was hoping it was a well-known problem with a simple response, such as “You need to change such-and-such setting in your security software.”

Since I made the post, I have determined that the problem is only occurring with my main computer. If I connect to the game using a different computer, double-clicking works fine.

It is definitely an obscure problem. It I connect to some of the online sites that test mouse performance, they detect no problem with my mouse, nor with the mouse events that are passed to java-script. The mouse events occur exactly as expected, consistently… mouse-down mouse-up click mouse-down mouse-up click doubleclick. This is using the same mouse with the same browser that connected with Foundry; but results in erratic performance with Foundry.

I suspect that the fundamental problem has to do with the age of my system. It is almost eight years old and has only lasted as long as it has because it was originally a high end gaming machine. My solution to the problem is to replace the machine. It is past time and I expect the problem to go away.

If a brand new computer has the same problem, I’ll be back in touch with you.

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Sadly, I am back again with pretty much the same problem… I now have a new higher-end gaming computer, new mouse, new keyboard; but double-clicking still works infrequently. The players in my game are not having this problem. And I do not have this problem if I log on using a friend’s computer, so it, seems unlikely that it is associated with my account.
The real problem for me as a GM is that I am unable to open the control sheets for my walls and lights and cannot adjust them.
There are very few things my two computers share in common:

  • They both use NVidia hardware/software for their video, although the boards are very different.
  • They both use the same internet provider (Cox Cable) and share the same router.
  • They both use the same monitor, a 4K video display operating at the Microsoft recommended settings of 3840x2160 resolution at 300% magnification

As I write this, I am now wondering if the 300% magnification is an issue. If I open the browser in anything other than full screen mode, I get a warning message that Foundry requires a minimum display of 1024x700px and I only have 1280x600 and some Foundry features may not work correctly. I have always thought this message was in error since my display was 3840x2160. But if you adjust for the 300% magnification the numbers aren’t far off.

I’m going to play with my magnification, just in case that is an issue.

In the mean time, if anyone has experience with this problem, I’d appreciate advice.

I did tinker with the magnification, reducing it to 250%. That gets rid of the warning message but does not solve the basic problem. Double-clicking is still unreliable.

The real problem for me as a GM is that I am unable to open the control sheets for my walls and lights and cannot adjust them.

This looks very much like your problem isn’t that double click doesn’t work, but rather than some sheets do not open. And since it only happens to you, it seems clear to me that it’s because you have enabled a Foundry module which affects that behavior and only works on GM accounts and is very likely to have a bug which makes it fail and not open the sheets as intended.
I would recommend when you have the issue to press the F12 key to open the devtools console, make sure the “Console” tab is selected on it, and look for errors (in red), which should indicate what error occured and hopefully which module it might have come from.
If you have a reliable way to test this issue, then a module such as “Find the Culprit” can help you find which module is causing the problem.

Is there any updates on this front with Kakarotos response in mind?