DnD5e version update

Hello friends,
new to foundy,
been wondering how do I check if all my installed modules are upto date with dnd5 latest version, I want to upgrade but I am worried my modules will stop working since most are still not compatible with it.


There really isnt a way to verify that without trial by fire unfortunately. The way I get around this is I have my desktop Foundry client that I will update and see what broke. Like how the last 5e update destroyed my favorite sheets Tidy5e. So until I get a beloved module working with the new update on my client I dont update the main Forge game. Keeps my modules safe and players happy.

It’s generally safe to update when there is a patch version released, for example

When there is a minor or major version update, eg. 2.0.33.x.x or then you can check the release notes (eg. Release release-2.1.0 · foundryvtt/dnd5e · GitHub) and check to see if it includes any breaking changes.

Because community modules sometimes need to catch up to new system versions, it may be worth giving any new version a bit of time in the wild, if you use a lot of modules