Dnd5e Monster Character Sheets not opening

Today I opened up my DnD5e game on here to mess with a few things and when I opened it up I found that none of the NPC character sheets open for me. The PC sheets open just fine, but none of the NPC sheets do. I also noticed that all of the currently placed NPCs say that they are no longer linked to an Actor that exists in the world.

Okay, when I delete the token then drag an actor on, then the token no longer says that, but I’m still unable to open the character sheets. I imagine it has something to do with the migration messing up, and I know that PF2e module has a migration option in the Troubleshooting. Does the DnD5e one have the same option? If so, where can I find it? Thanks in advance.

Yes, that happened to me exactly as you described until I went back to DnD v2.03. Everything worked like a charm once I reverted the system. I will take quite some time before I am willing to give the update a try.

To my knowledge, this could be the known tidy5e bug with the new dnd5e version. If so, a PR with a fix is currently under review :slight_smile: Creature Sheet don't open in DnD5e 2.1.1 · Issue #625 · sdenec/tidy5e-sheet · GitHub

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That was exactly my experience. For now, I have disabled Tidy5e and everything else works.

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