DnD5e 2.1.4 Notification? Is there actually an available update?

I am getting a notification in Foundry that there is a DnD5e 2.1.4 update, but I do not see any update for that version in The Forge. Currently on 2.1.2.

I’m still getting the notification. Is there going to be a 5e update for 2.1.4 in The Forge???

Hey there! :slight_smile:

dnd5e 2.1.4 requires Foundry 10.291 at minimum. Make sure your Foundry server version (or Game Manager default Foundry server version) is set to 10.291, and then check out the Bazaar. You should then see the new version

If you need any help updating your Foundry server version, check out this article!