DM Looking for 4 to 6 players for a AD&D 2e game

DM Looking for 4 to 6 players for a AD&D 2e game

Description: Pursue glory and adventure in the Thren Valley. A place where elves are hated and maligned, and the mysterious darkling rises up every 15 to 40 years to ravage the land. Discover the secrets of the Caldri forest, the abandoned Trispire Tower, and fields of bone. Beware the calling of the White Demon.

Experience: Any level. Beginners welcome.

VTT: Foundry using Advanced Roleplaying System

Game System: AD&D 2e

Time Zone: PST

Day of week and time: Every Wednesday 8:00 PM -12:00 PM PST

Game Start: August 9th (first session)

Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 to 4 hours a week

Term: Long. Would like to play a long campaign.

Voice software used: Discord

Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No


Number of Players needed: 4 to 6

Character starting level & equipment: 1st Starting equipment per PHB

Character restrictions: Races and Classes from Players Handbook.

Full Disclosure: DM has never run a Advanced Roleplaying System. He does have over 6 months experience using Foundry. Have run some type of ttrpg for 40 + years

PM me if Interested…

is this still available?