DM/GM not able to see NPC tokens unless a Player Token is Selected

As the DM, I am not able to see any NPC tokens I drop onto the canvas unless I select a PC token. Once I click off of the player token, the NPC disappears. Players do not have this issue. Players are able to see all visible tokens I drop onto the canvas.

Has anyone had this problem before? I am trying to use the FTC module but so far I cannot seem to figure out a solution. Help is most appreciated.

Try disabling all modules and then creating an entirely new NPC. Does it behave the same way?

Also try creating a new scene. It might be that there’s some z-stacking happening with a tile that’s above the level that the player tokens are on or something :thinking: Though the fact that you can see player tokens is odd, if you can’t see the NPC ones

OKAY THIS IS COOL. I figured it out, and you were close! Man oh man, I really hope this helps some other poor schmuck like me!!

For whatever reason, anytime I create a new NPC token, their “height” value was 0. That was completely F-ing up DM vision. I manually set token heights to 6’ and it all works like a charm.

Now if only I can figure out why NPC defaults are set a 0 feet tall, then I will have it all worked out. LOL