Directory Structure Best Practices?

Is there a Best Practices for how to setup your directory structure?

Before I got my Forge account, say my world was XYZ with a scene ABC, I placed images (map, tiles used as objects on the map) in worlds/XYZ/scenes/ABC directory. Now that I’m looking at moving to the Forge, I’m beginning to think that may have been a mistake.


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The structure is really up to you.

But if you’re using multiple worlds, it might be prudent to store your shareable assets outside of your world folder.

So if your local folder structure is like this:

  • Data
    • worlds
    • modules
    • systems

Instead of adding images to Data/worlds/world/scenes/whatever, you could just add a folder at Data/assets/scenes/whatever.

Then when you use the importer for the Forge and select your Data folder, The Forge will be able to grab the images easily.

There have been issues with this where various users perhaps use this method or just files from another world and only import the world, meaning The Forge cannot see the files, as they were never uploaded, so it won’t work.
But uploading the entire Data folder will work perfectly.

Yea for things “I know” will be reused I but in a global directory but it’s in still under worlds. Of course there are cases where I decide to reuse something that I placed in specific scene.


Also note that if you move your files now, you will most probably break your current world as you would need to change the link for all the maps you used.
You also said that you’re beginning to think it was a mistake. Just to be clear, when you use The Forge Importer, it will automatically upload those images to the assets library and remove them from the world folder so it doesn’t use your data quota, so you should be fine.
Personally, that’s what I’ve been using for my directory structures, though it may not be the most optimal, especially when you want the same asset in multiple worlds, it works just fine.

Note that you currently cannot move/rename files in the assets library once you upload them, though that’s what my current focus is on (see Feature Roadmap.

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