Did the latest update for foundry for pathfinder 2e campaign, and everything has broken down


I was trying to download a new premium module that required the latest update of foundry to version 10. I went through the prompted installation process since I was currently version 9 and things were working well. When the update completed, a number of compatibility errors and critical error messages popped up. I updated all the modules that were available to update once the update has gone through, however, certain modules aren’t even appearing the manager.

Character sheets in the game are completely broken:

I’ve got a game tomorrow, and I was not expecting this level of breakdown from doing an update. I unfortunately did not do a backup like a I should have. I’m trying to utilize the save system…but yeah this is pretty bad. My game is practically unusable at this point.

What options do I have? I guess I’ve learned my lesson about new updates to foundry…but man. I might have to cancel my game tomorrow.

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There’s a risk involved with any major version update, which is why we always recommend taking a backup!

The first thing to do would be to figure out what is going wrong. I recommend checking your browser’s dev tools console (F12) to see if there are any specific error messages that might point to a module or a specific entity / actor.

We’ve also seen this kind of display issue happening on old / incompatible browsers. Make sure you’re using the newest version of Chrome / FireFox an try to check with a different browser, just in case.

I recommend checking the Bazaar to make sure that your Foundry modules and systems are all up to date. Make sure that your Foundry default version is set to the recommended v10 version, so that your modules can update to compatible versions.

Try launching the world in Safe Configuration to check to see whether the problem still arises. If it does, it might be related to the system / browser / world data rather than modules.

Finally, if none of the above works, you can downgrade Foundry back to v9 and restore a backup of your v9 world, until the problem can be determined.

Hope this helps! Feel free to post screenshots of what you find in your troubleshooting if you get any more info!

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I suggest looking for assistance in the Foundry PF2e discord. Likely, you just need to reinstall the system update.