Did something major change recently?

Two weeks ago, I held a session where the About-Face module went absolutely haywire sometimes and continuously rotated the token (360 degrees every second or two) forever, unless I refreshed the page. Then, at two points, I lost the ability to move/interact with tokens, and refreshing the page would shuffle tokens around to a state like 20 minutes ago (we had to check the chat to try and recreate health values etc).

It was bad, but we tolerated it, figuring maybe it’d get fixed over the week. Then yesterday we had another session and oh boy did everything get even crazier.

  • Next-Up put the “current turn” markerin the top-left corner of the tokens tile, and it wasn’t animated. It also (sometimes) spawned about 10 “start of turn” markers whenever a token moved
  • Whenever I would draw a template, it would try and cast a spell (the same one each time) in that area, no matter what I had targeted
  • An ability that dealt no damage would deal damage (it’s possible it cast the spell from above)
  • Worst of all was a creature with concentration: Hitting them caused about 40 concentration checks (not exaggerating), attacking anything would case anywhere from 2-5, both before and after any and all rolls. Moving or turning a token would cause 1-2 checks. Removing the token in question changed nothing

Those are the ones I can recall, but basically every single module was completely broken. I haven’t had the chance to try and recreate this yet (will do so as soon as I can) to see what the console says, but since it’s just so many, I guess/hope it’s caused by something else?

Does anyone know if something was changed during the last 2 weeks that could’ve caused all these issues? There was a new foundry version somewhat recently, so did the forge update to that maybe?

The default Foundry version that is used has not changed on The Forge, it’s still at 0.7.9 and has been for a while.

What you describe sounds like a noisy and broken module, perhaps in conjunction with another module that attempts to inject functionality to the same methods, meaning they could be in conflict.
From what you describe, I would recommend the following:

  1. Recall if you made any module changes before this happened and revert them.
  2. Update all modules to their latest versions through the bazaar.
  3. If the previous points changed nothing, it’s time to dig deeper on your modules and go on from here: Trouble with Modules
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One of my players pointed out that I installed dice so nice the session the troubles started. It seemed to be too many modules that were breaking for that to be the case, but thinking about it more carefully, all the problems do somehow relate to die rolls. Apart from About-Face.

I tried disabling dice so nice, and had no problems when I tried things out. However, I’ve had issues previously where if I’m alone, everything works fine, but once my players join, some modules start working differently (mainly MidiQoL and auto-rolling)

So I will have to wait and see if we have any more issues next session, thanks :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that AboutFace definitely needs a revisit. I plan on doing that in the next few weeks.