Dfreds-convenient-effects missing

DFred’s Convenient Effects module is not in the Bazaar. It is available via standalone Foundry’s add-ons. I downloaded and manually installed this module here and it’s not visible. Which is to say, it does not show up in Module Management in-game, even though it’s among my installed custom module.

What is the reason for it to work on standalone Foundry and not here?

P.S.: Is the forge-module tag appropriate here? I’m given pause because it makes me think “Forge has modules?” And also, “Where’s the tag for Foundry modules?” I probably over-thought this and forge-module does, in fact, mean Foundry modules.

Are you looking for this? The Forge

Or is it a specfic version you are not seeing? Which version of foundry are you on?

Interesting. I followed your link and it led me to the module that I manually installed. Then I searched Bazaar again and saw that DFred’s Convenient Effects revealed itself among “All Available”. (It didn’t before.) So I removed the module that I manually installed and searched Bazaar again, and — like before — those names do not reveal a module.

My standalone Foundry is 8.8. The version I’m using here is 7.10. Is that the reason why DFred’s Convenient Effects is not visible to me here?

Yeah that is correct. The bazaar won’t show you a module if you do not meet the requirments. It may show an older version for you foundry install but it looks like in this case the previous versions were all for 0.8.x