Delta Green Campaign: Impossible Landscapes (RP/Investigation Heavy)

August 1995, New York City: artist Abigail Wright has gone missing, and the evidence left behind is disturbing to say the least. So disturbing, in fact, that it’s drawn the attention of Delta Green. Your cell has been sent to investigate. If the unnatural is found to be involved, the mission is the same as any other: stop the incursion; minimize exposure; save lives; cover it up to save others from being exposed; and never – ever – reveal the existence of Delta Green.

Delta Green is about cover-ups, insanity, and death. The world is a lie. Beneath it, things squirm, struggling to punch through and raze everything. Once you see the outline beneath reality, it cannot be unseen.

Player characters are either US federal agents, special operators, or consultants who are part of an illegal conspiracy dedicated to rooting out incursions of the unnatural and shutting them down, all while hiding the existence of said incursions.

Slots Available: 3 to 5.

System Used: Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game

Play Style: Heavy roleplay and investigation; combat, when unavoidable, is deadly.

Trigger Warnings: Surreal horror, cosmic horror, potential body horror, mature themes, mental health issues, mention of harm to children. Lines and Veils will be in effect.

Session Duration: 4 hours, give or take.

Schedule: Saturdays or Sundays, from 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM CST (we’ll figure out which works best). This is a campaign that can possibly run 6 months or longer; please don’t apply if you can’t make the commitment.

Requirements: We will use Foundry VTT (via The Forge) for character sheets, handouts, and ambiance, and Discord for organization and voice. Voice is non-negotiable, and may be recorded for in-game purposes only (will not be published or streamed). Must be an adult (18 yo or older). A Session 0 will be held for character creation, system orientation, and establishing Lines and Veils.

I would love to join you for your game of green I’ve played once before and would love to play again and learn more about the system and the story looks interesting to play in with you and whoever else is involved DM me on here if you would love to have me be in your game.


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Recruitment for this campaign is now closed.