Deleted world actors to help with slow down. World size is still exactly the same?

Hi there, run into what feels like a weird problem. One of my foundry worlds was feeling sluggish after adding a module. Went to check the size of the world to if that was the problem. Clocked in at about 21MB which…not awful. But I thought to myself ill have a clear out see if that helps cause I know its full of actors that should really be in a compendium. Sorted that out. Still kinda slow, went to check the world size again. Its exactly the same as it was before I deleted anything? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Edit: Went back for another look. I think the size has increased.

Hi, this should explain to you what’s happening there: Why does my game data increase, for no apparent reason? - Docs - The Forge
I believe if you stop/start the world, you’ll see it has shrinked.
It depends though on how big the actors you have that you removed and if you moved them to a world compendium or a shared compendium module.
That being said, 21MB is not too bad, and shouldn’t cause any sluggishness (the main issue at those sizes is how long it would take for the world to load, as it downloads the 21MB world every time you sign in, so if you have a really slow/rural internet, it would be slow to load, but then it shouldn’t be lagging).
I’d suspect your issue might be because of hardware acceleration not being enabled (or using the wrong GPU): How to fix/turn on your browser's hardware acceleration - Docs - The Forge
I hope that helps

Hi, it the size does seem to have dropped a tad. Still a bit sluggish though, and Hardware Acceleration is already turned on. Think I made sure of that a while back when I was having a different unrelated degree of slugishness.