Delete My Foundry Instance and Removing Foundry License


I’m having a bit of trouble trying to The Forge lately, it takes forever to load assets, and sometimes it never does. I decided to cancel my subscription for now and try self hosting for now. I can’t find an option to delete Foundry Instance I’ve created on the forge nor the option to remove my Foundry license from the forge. Can someone help me?


Hello there!

Removing a license isn’t an often requested feature. Currently you can write to [email protected] with your request and they’ll do it for you. Best to do this from the email you registered from for easy confirmation.

Now, about the issues you’ve experienced, it’s likely due to the recent problems with the service where forge hosts the Foundry instances using severe overprovisioning. Meaning they promise more resources to their clients than is actually available. We’re in the process of moving away from them and so far have taken the more expensive package to solve those issues.

Work is definitely being put towards making the service more stable during rush hours.

I hope this helped clear some things up and we’re of course sorry for the problems you’ve experienced. Soon they’ll be a thing of the past, but we understand your reasons for choosing self hosting.