Delete data from the world folder

How to access data in worlds/worldname/assets folder?
How can this data be deleted?

If i am correct…go to the MY FOUNDRY tab. On the left side you’ll find the “Table Tools” section:

Click on “Select Datafiles to delete”

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Thanks for your answer.
Sorry for beeing not more concise.
I want to delete some date from that folder not the whole folder.

I my case the character creation program, I use to import my characters, saves the portrait data to worlds/MyWorldName/assets/actors .
Some of those images aren’t used any more and a want to get rid of them.

Specifically for assets you go to the assets library: The Forge

For the rest of the files you would need to do the above.

There shouldn’t be anything capable of writing media files to your data folder like that (and I confirmed on your account, those files do exist), so what is it that you did which caused them to be created? I’m assuming it’s something from Foundry v10 which we haven’t seen before.
At this time, the simplest way to do that will be to export your world, modify the files within, then re-import it.

Let us know what you did which created those files so we can add support for that use case and have all media files stored in your assets library like it’s meant to be.