Deadland’s Classic Importing Books


I recently am trying to get my Deadland’s classic group into Foundry because one of our players is now long distance. I have currently 15 books from Deadland’s Classic and I am curious if there is a way that I can quickly create all of the items, varmits, hindrances, edges etc from the PDF’s that I have of all the books. The task looks quite daunting when seeing just how much material I have for the game.

The current system that I am using is GitHub - RhombusWeasel/Deadlands-Classic: A system for playing Deadlands Classic in Foundry VTT.

I see that there is a compendium section in Foundry, is there a way offline that I can create all of these items and import it? Or, am I stuck just individually inputting all of my materials.

To add: There is quite a difference from Savage World’s to Deadlands classic, I purchased the Savage World Deadlands to check it out and it is too dissimilar for us to switch over, my group has been playing for over a year so we do not want to change now