Dead By Daylight! Fog Whisperers - a Level 1-10 DND Campaign

Attention all adventurers! :vulcan_salute:


For years, the Fog has claimed our loved ones, engulfing them in its mysterious depths. Despite our pleas, the world turned a blind eye, dismissing our cries as madness. But now, as whispers of new disappearances and tales of monstrous entities surface, the truth can no longer be ignored.

Embark on a quest like no other in our upcoming adventure, where the boundaries of reality blur and the line between myth and truth fades. You are invited to join a daring expedition into the heart of the Fog’s realm, where peril and mystery await at every turn.

Gather your courage and rally your companions, for this journey will test your resolve like never before. Delve into the unknown, armed with nothing but your wits and the bonds of friendship that bind you. :brain:

Will you uncover the secrets of the Fog and rescue those who have been lost? Or will you become ensnared in its sinister grasp, joining the ranks of the vanished? The choice is yours, adventurer.

Join us on this epic quest and become a hero in the face of darkness. The Fog awaits, and only the brave dare to enter its realm.

It goes without saying that this Campaign is open to anyone! Bring your wits, creativity and courage to enter the Fog!

System: DND5th Edition
Cost $30 / Player
Time Tuesdays at 7 PM GMT
Seats: Currently 6 Available with Early Bird Booking!
Session Duration: 3-6 Hours