Data Quota Exceeded on DWW map pack

Hi all,
I’m running into an issue installing a map pack by Domille’s Wondrous Works. I managed to install the wilderness pack and try to install the oceans pack as well. Both are roughly half a GB big and contain no files larger than 20MB. (I downloaded the module separately to check).
I still have over 5GB left on my quota and my upload limit per file is 100MB, so the package SHOULD install, but it still throws me that the data quota is exceeded.
Any idea what could be at fault here?

Hi there :wave:

That error would result from your Game/User Data being over threshold, rather than the Assets Library quota being over threshold.

If you check here The Forge, do you have sufficient space available in your Game/User Data?

If not, please check here The Forge View Data Storage to clear space by deleting unused packages. The Others tab might contain large intermediary files like zip files which you would be able to clear.

Please see Managing storage on The Forge - Your Asset and Data Library for more info, and let me know if you still encounter an issue.

Here is my current usage:

I’m below 50% usage on each. My “others” tab is currently amounts to 9MB.
Not sure what else to look out for, but nothing seems to stand out.

Hey there, thanks for the reply

We apply a padding to the data quota during the install step to prevent the quota from being encountered during the install. It’s difficult to say what exactly is at fault here.

But I can recommend a solution:
Please use the Import Wizard (accessible from the top left of The Forge)

and untick the Install found packages from the Bazaar option

Then, import the package which you downloaded locally separately to check. This will optimize the assets directly to the assets library, and import only the compendiums and code into your game/user data. This should keep the quota from filling up.