Data Quota Exceeded - Abomination Vaults Module on V11

I’m having some issues launching my games due to the data quota being exceeded. I had been using the Pathfinder 2e Abomination Vaults module for a game I was running, and up until now, it had been working fine. However, after the update to v11 and a subsequent update to the Pathfinder module, the file size for the Pathfinder module has grown to be 531.13 MB, which is well over the 512.00 MB data cap. Am I missing something here? Is there anything I can do to go over this data cap or minimize the file size of the module? Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there!

It sounds like there must have been an error when optimizing the assets inside of that module to the Assets Library.

A reinstall of the module should fix it :+1:
Let me know if that helps!

That seems to have done it! Thanks for the assistance!