Dark Heresy 2E System

I’m currently in the process of setting up a Dark Heresy 2E game on Forge and I set up the initial game using just the system and no other modules. I started by poking around at the way the Dark Heresy 2E system works, and I set up an actor to test the combat system. When I try clicking a weapon to perform an attack, even if I set it to no modifiers and a Standard Attack, it changes the value of the Attribute used for the attack to a number 50-60 higher than it should be.

I’ve duplicated the setup on my local computer, and it does not apply this extra modifier from nowhere. Is there something I need to set up differently on Forge to make it work?

After further testing, myself and one of my players discovered that for some reason, the Dark Heresy 2E system module wasn’t updated to the latest version, and in updating it, the issue resolved itself. So, this thread can be closed. :smiley: