D&D Importer Error

So I am trying to import character from D&D Byond into my game on the Forge using D&D Byond Importer and I keep getting the error below. So far only been able to import 1 character fully, some of two other ones and the rest won’t come in at all. I have the exact same setup/modules running on my Desktop version of Foundry and there are no issues using D&D Byond Importer so that leads me to believe it is Forge specific. I even went in and only enable the modules that D&D Byond Importer needs and still same error. Anyone got any ideas?

forgevtt-module.js:1810 Unauthorized: API Key does not have the proper permissions to use this API. Missing capabilities: write-assets.

The error means that you’re using a read-only API key to access an assets library, so the D&D Importer module can’t upload anything to the assets library. This means that you’ve set an API key in the Forge module’s settings in order to access another user’s assets library.
You can get more information about that here: How to share access to your Assets Library - Docs - The Forge

If you were meant to use your own assets library, then simply clear the value of that setting, so that it is empty, and the Forge will use your own assets library for any uploads.
Go to settings, then select The Forge and clear the field and it should work.

Thanks for the help!