D&D 5E Veteran Looking to get Into Pathfinder 2E

:crossed_swords: What game system I am interested in:
As per the title, very interested in a Pathfinder 2nd Edition game, especially if it’s set in Golarion. It’s a very interesting system to me, and the setting is very appealing to me after doing some research into it.

:spiral_calendar: When I can play:
I live in the EST (GMT -4) timezone of the US, and tend to be most available later in the evenings. Currently most free Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after 6:30 PM EST, and I can keep up fairly late, though the latest I’d probably go is around 1 AM before I have to call it a night. I could possibly swing Fridays depending on start/end time.

:question: What you (the prospective GM) should know about me as a player:
My name’s Max (he/him). I’m 25 and I’ve been playing D&D 5E (though I’ve dabbled with other syatems) since I was 19. I’m a big fan of rp and combat, but I also like exploration and intrigue, and do my best to support my fellow players in having a good time at the table. A bit of an optimizer, but ultimately I’ll go with things that make sense for the character I’m playing.
I have no practical experience with Pathfinder 2E aside from experimenting with creating a few characters and looking into builds, but I’m a quick learner and I’ve read most of the Core Rulebook (the parts not about GMing). I have a bit of Foundry experience (played in an Eberron campaign on here for some time) so I should be quick enough to pick up the nuances of Forge once I get to the table. I’m interested in playing a frontline character, most likely a Fighter, and I’ve got a bit of a character backstory prepared for one. I look forward to playing with anyone that would want to invite me to their table. Thanks so much!