D&D 5e Thieves Guild Campaign

Thieves Guild Campaign

Game: D&D 5e

Time: Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm EST

Platforms: Discord and Forge-vtt. Also a dndbyond account is recommended

Play Style: Its a Heist theme so not as much combat as a normal D&D book. There will be more social and sneaking encounters than normal.

Price: Free

Spots to fill: 3/6

I plan on combining Waterdeep Dragon Heist with the Keys From The Golden Vault to create a 1-11 Heist campaign. The characters are members of the Xanathar’s thieves guild. They have been specially selected to go on the heist of the century.
But It is a dangerous time for the guild in Waterdeep. The Leaders have started a turf war with the Zhentarim, and there are fights in the streets. To keep you safe the Xanathar has secured secret base of operations where you can train and prepare for the biggest heist in the history of Waterdeep.

I have a few character ideas that would fit in this game and I’ve been keeping an eye out when someone would start one to do it. It looks very fun and there are a lot of possibilites in that campaign.

I’m a 36 years old woman who’s played one form or another of Rp for 25 years now.

How is best to get ahold of you to request more information? i am very interested

I’m also interested in joining this campaign. I’m 33 and have been playing D&D on and off for 13 years. When are we starting this campaign and what are the next steps? (New to Forge)

This sounds intriguing to me and I’m trying to imagine the classes needed for a 6 character campaign like this. Please let me how I can learn more,